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Weight Support

More Independence,
More Exercises

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More Independence, More Exercises

We have designed this system in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the exercises.

The injuries and pressures that were caused by the patient’s weight are reduced, and therefore the patient is more independent and the therapist has more freedom of action. This enables performing a variety of exercises in the most lifelike environment. As to the points mentioned, this freedom of action gives the therapist an opportunity to design compound and new exercises. These exercises are aimed at increasing balance and motor skills, improving movements, and increasing the patient’s self-confidence.It leads to increased independence in daily activities. By providing a simulation of daily activities and challenges, the patient can gradually start a normal life without any help from others.In order to improve performance in life, these exercises include basic training (walking, balance), independence training (stairs, ramps, etc.), and cognitive training.

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Dynamic Body Weight Support

 Dynamic Weight Support
One of the main problems in performing various motor balance exercises is the inability of the patient to bear the weight on his/her legs.

Robot-Patient Synchronized Movement

Robot-patient simultaneous and perfectly synchronized movement prevents any extra pressure on the patient in the horizontal direction.

fall prevention

The smart fall protection system reduces to zero the possibility of the patient falling and having an accident, while performing an exercise

AI assistant

AI has revolutonized the technology. Here,
Rede using an A I-assisted patented techrolagy,
bio feed back has been added to the entire
DBWS system